Our Processes

Flexible Metal and Sheet Fabrication Processes That are Situation-Specific

Our streamlined, end-to-end custom metal fabrication processes can be scaled to suit a range of industries, including the mining, industrial and commercial sectors.

Western Metalworx customers benefit from our insightfulness, technical ability, risk management practices and experience in custom sheet metal fabrication.

Assured Confidence in our Custom Fabrication Services

Our core values, Integrity and Quality Craftsmanship, ensure that our team is honest, transparent and reliable throughout the life of your steel manufacturing project. We create certainty through the technological support of 3D CAD for both our custom fabricators and our clients.

Manufacturing works locally, we create flexibility in our fabrication methodologies that continually provide smarter approaches, reduce build durations and add greater value throughout the life of all metal, sheet and steel fabrication projects we undertake.

Each project is a unique opportunity to prove our custom fabrication capability – from professional documentation and concept prototyping, through to CNC high definition plasma cutting – we never miss a chance to showcase our attention to systems, processes, quality and resource management.