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At Western Metalworx, our core values underpin every custom sheet and metal fabrication solution we deliver. We stand by our work and endeavour to set the best examples for our employees to create a workplace culture that is inclusive, enjoyable and safe.

Our Core Values

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Quality Craftsmanship

Our Values

Innovation in the Metal Fabrication Industry

Innovation is the driving force behind our operations. We consider ourselves early adopters; our thirst for being the best leads us to embrace new ideas, methodologies and technologies without fear, so that we never become complacent when handling your steel fabrication projects.


Steel Fabricators with Integrity

Our integrity is governed by our quality assurance, proprietary production control systems and processes. Our structural steel fabricators operate with transparency and accountability to build and maintain trust with all of our clients and stakeholders within the metal fabrication industry.


Steel Design and Fabrication Delivered On-Time, Safely

All steel design and fabrication work we commission for our clients is designed and constructed under the principle of ‘safety first’. We take practical steps to ensure that our personnel are suitably qualified and trained to perform the steel design and fabrication duties they are tasked with. We don’t miss deadlines and we won’t compromise on safety.


Quality Craftsmanship in Precision Sheet Metal

Our reputation in delivering precision sheet metal projects is based on our commitment to design, manufacture and repair products according to precise specifications and strict quality controls. We’re proud of our work and aim to exceed all client expectations.