Professional Documentation

Professional Documentation & Quality Control Procedures for Steel Fabrication

At Western Metalworx, our integrity is governed by our steel fabrication quality assurance, proprietary production control systems, and processes. Our core value, “Quality Craftsmanship”, underpins every solution we deliver, including the professional documentation of steelworks manufactured to provide full accountability and traceability of our services.

To maintain our technical leadership in the fabrication of quality components, we strive to exceed customer satisfaction, providing smarter approaches and investing in the latest applications and technologies to reduce build durations and add greater value throughout the life of all metal fabrication projects we undertake.

Each project we’re presented with is a unique opportunity to prove our capability and showcase our attention to systems, processes, quality and resource management. We have the knowledge and experience to compile and maintain relevant metal fabrication documents to assure, measure, record and document all sheet fabrication tasks designated to us.

Quality Documentation for Custom Metal Fabrication Projects

As part of our commitment to provide adequate resources to develop and maintain quality and safety, we provide the following metal fabrication professional documentation:

  • Manufacturer Data Reports (MDRs)
  • Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO) Compliant
  • Coded Welder Qualifications
  • Certified Engineering

Metal Fabrication and Sheet Metal Manufacturer Data Reports

Western Metalworx offers a comprehensive MDR package, containing data and information to certify that materials of construction meet certain material property requirements and tolerances, and comply with metal and steel fabrication standards.

Our MDR packages are tailored to your custom metal fabrication requirements, and include:

  • Inspection and Test Reports (ITPs)
  • Inspection Release Certificates
  • Design Certificates
  • As-built Drawings
  • Material Certificates
  • Conformance Reports
  • Supplementary Drawings
  • Internal Certification Checklist
  • Specifications
  • Technical Queries

Total Quality Assured in Metal Fabrication

Assured compliance for mining fabrication and welding of structural steelwork

Committed to acting ethically and upholding the highest standards of professionalism within the mining fabrication industry, we comply with Western Australia Iron Ore (WAIO) standards to ensure complete transparency and traceability of sourcing of material – making it easy for our clients to track production and match replacement parts.

Coded welders and specialised metal fabrication projects

As trusted fabrication specialists to the mining, industrial and commercial industries, we construct highly specialised purpose-built customer projects, requiring expertise in niche areas.  Our team is made up of coded welders who are subject to advanced training and qualification processes regularly to ensure the skill set needed to create bespoke solutions for even the most challenging metal and sheet fabrication demands.

Let our certified engineers solve your mining, commercial and industrial fabrication needs

Our certified engineers work with you throughout the entire process of your metal fabrication project to develop draft concepts, works and 3D-modelling in house, to ensure assets are load rated, structurally sound and in-line with Australian standards.