Indigenous Engagement

Passionate About Continuous Engagement With Australia’s First Peoples

Western Metalworx recognise the importance of working in partnership with Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to achieve sustainable and mutually beneficial outcomes and drive new economic opportunities within the metal fabrication sector.

Committed to acting ethically and upholding the highest standards of professionalism, we highly value diversity and recognise and embrace our people’s individual contribution within our team.

We conduct relations with other Traditional Landowners and people of the land throughout Western Australia to provide opportunities to indigenous people. This has extended to the employment of Aboriginal apprentices to learn the skills and gain the trade of a Steel Fabricator. Through this process, we have engaged traditional landowners from the Banyjima and Eastern Gurama tribes’, local language groups from the inlands of the Pilbara, and Charles Smith from Yurala Aboriginal Contracting Services.

Through our custom fabrication trade, we are committed to the creation of practical and sustainable training and employment opportunities that can improve and grow the careers of Indigenous talent in the skills and trade of steel fabrication.

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