Concept Prototyping

Precise Concept Prototyping for Custom Metal and Sheet Fabrication

Our qualified fabrication specialists and mechanical engineers have the capacity and expertise to deliver innovative, customised products and components to industries of scale, including in the areas of mining, industrial and commercial. An end-to-end steel fabricator service that is focussed on thorough execution, we don’t believe in cutting corners and make sure to take the extra steps necessary to deliver world-class metal fabrication solutions.

This includes the provisioning of concept prototyping which allows our team of specialists to analyse, optimise and test the production process before it commences. In turn, our clients can confidently move forward in the next phase of their fabrication project knowing that risk potential has been mitigated.

Why is Concept Prototyping for Custom Fabrication Important?

  • Early detection of design errors/complications
  • Determine final function and design
  • Determine required machinery needed for production
  • Test fit and durability of final output
  • Client consultation to assess feedback and identify areas of improvement
  • Allows estimation of production costs, manufacture time & materials required
  • Aids in obtaining funding and investment by providing a visual representation, rather than an idea

Complex Fabrication: Issue Resolution and Concept Prototyping

Our high quality fabricating concept prototyping processes are steadfastly controlled and documented by our Quality Management System and inhouse processes, leaving little room for error on even the most challenging steel fabrication projects.

Using precision accuracy, our customers benefit from a seven-step prototyping process to ensure all custom fabrication demands are met or exceeded.