Hardox® and Bisalloy® Wear Parts

Hardox® and Bisalloy® Wear Parts

Western Metalworx is one of Perth’s premier suppliers and fabricators of Hardox wear parts, bucket liners, wear teeth and other GET (ground engaging tool) components. Using the industry-leading Hardox® and Bisalloy® ranges, we custom engineer wear parts and packages to improve performance, protect the exostructure of your equipment and ensure its longevity.

Why Hardox® for Wear Parts?

Produced by SSAB in Sweden and the USA, Hardox is the world’s leading abrasion-resistant steel, designed to perform under the harshest conditions.

Known for its exceptional hardness, toughness and corrosion resistance, Hardox is capable of withstanding abrasive contact in aggressive and acidic environments. We work with Hardox 450 and other SSAB steel products to create durable, long-lasting wear parts and liners that take the brunt of Western Australia’s harsh mining landscapes, extending the life and performance of your valuable equipment.

Hardox Wear Parts and Liners

Our Hardox wear parts, wear liners, overlay plates and truck bodies are created by skilled, coded fabricators right here in our Malaga premises. From one-off liners to fleet fit-outs and mobile plant enhancements, we know exactly how to add value and protect your equipment with sturdy, compliant wear packages. We work with the full range of Hardox products, including:

  • Hardox 400
  • Hardox 450
  • Hardox 500
  • Hardox 550
  • Hardox 600

Custom Hardox Wear Part Solutions

Do you need Hardox wear parts or wear liners for a custom piece of equipment, a prototype or unorthodox asset? At Western Metalworx, we’re always looking for ways to innovate and deliver new solutions. Our engineers will work with you to define your requirements in detail, then use SolidWorks CAD software to model up all components in real space. When the design has been approved, we export it directly to the CNC plasma cutter, fabricate and install your product in house.


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Why Bisalloy® Wear Parts?

Bisalloy is a trusted steel plate range which has been manufactured right here in Australia since 1980. Quenched and tempered, Bisalloy products are a solid choice for wear plate, wear parts, wear liners and other protective enhancements. Created for exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance, the team at Western Metalworx uses Bisalloy steel to create truck bodies, buckets, edges and ground-engaging tools (GET).

Bisalloy Wear Parts for Any Application

From one-off custom truck wear packages to full fleet fit-outs, the team at Western Metalworx undertake jobs of any shape and size using the trusted Bisalloy steel range. Our experienced steel welders and fabricators create durable, long-lasting wear parts with industry-leading Bisalloy steel, designed to your specifications. Get in touch with our team today to protect your valuable equipment, extend longevity and increase return on investment.


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