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Mining Repairs and Refurbishment

Western Metalworx is one of Australia’s premier providers of equipment repair and refurbishment services to the mining sector and associated industries.

A dedication to quality, a commitment to continued improvement and a collaborative approach enable us to deliver unmatched repair and refurbishment services, mobile plant repair, wear liners, re-welds and more.

At Western Metalworx, there is no such thing as a typical day. We approach every project with an open mind, working closely with each client to achieve outcomes and exceed expectations. All fabrication, repair and refurbishment work is carried out to strict safety and performance standards, and nothing leaves the workshop unless it meets all relevant standards and our own exacting requirements.

Our Refurbishment and Repair Services

  • On-Site Scheduled Maintenance Welding and Fabrication

If you require on-site service for scheduled site maintenance, we have mobile labour hire solutions to allow for rapid deployment of certified boilermakers and fitters. Reduce downtime with a service that cannot be beaten in speed and quality.

  • Welding Repairs and Maintenance

Safety is paramount in the mining industry, that is why we recommend our welding repairs and maintenance services to anyone unsure of the quality of their integral welds – especially for load-bearing foundation welds and welds flush to the ground.

  • Mining Equipment & Wear Part Replacement

Our coded welders specialise in the fabrication of stainless steel wear parts and the refurbishment of machinery parts such as buckets, trays and bodies. Our Malaga workshop uses trusted stainless steel products to extend the life of your equipment. If you require fast turnaround part replacements, our workshop is able to keep an inventory of specific wear parts you may require for rapid, ongoing OEM part replacement.

Local craftsmanship ensures top-quality mining repair and refurbishment work

Our Perth-based welders and fabricators are coded and tested to the highest standards

From our fully equipped Malaga workshop and warehouse, the Western Metalworx team carries out superior repair and refurbishment work on mining equipment and mobile rigs.

All our welders and fabricators are trained and coded to all relevant Australian industry standards, providing peace of mind that importers and international manufacturers simply can’t match.

Many local service providers will check qualifications once when hiring new personnel and never provide further training, verification or development. Western Metalworx is different – we bring in external trainers and assessors every six months to ensure that all members of our team are continuing to grow and output the high standards of quality that our clients have come to expect.

Rewelding and reconfiguration of existing products

Have you ordered safety railing, access platforms or other mining equipment from overseas, only to find the quality is less than what you had expected?

The Western Metalworx team specialises in rewelding, recutting and reconfiguring mining equipment and other metal products to bring them in line with Australian standards of quality and safety.

Working with a local team allows you to be involved at every stage of the process, from initial scoping and design through to modelling, fabrication and completion.

Full hardened steel wear packages, liners and overlay plates from our Perth workshop

Wear parts and liners to protect mining equipment and extend the longevity

The Western Metalworx team produce custom-made liners, wear parts, wear teeth, overlay plates and other products to increase the longevity and efficacy of vital mining equipment.

From fully installed loader bucket wear packages to dump truck bodies, wear teeth and other ground engaging tool (GET) components, we are capable of designing and installing innovative and professional wear solutions for all mining machinery and related equipment.

Our wear parts and sacrificial components add longevity to expensive and essential equipment, minimising downtime and ensuring exostructure integrity.

Complete mobile plant repair service, from ideation to sign-off

Our collaborative process prioritises consultation at every stage, from initial planning through to 3D modelling and sign-off.

We use Solidworks CAD software to model up all components in real space, allowing for direct export to our CNC plasma cutters and full in-house fabrication.

From mobile plant repair and custom component design through to 65-tonne tipper bodies, the Western Metalworx team will develop wear and repair solutions to suit any project requirements. Get in touch today to chat about what you need and find out how we can help.

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