Our HSEQ Policies Keep Your Metal Fabrication Projects in Check

In everything that we do, Western Metalworx is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure that we conduct our operations with the highest standards of business and social ethics, as well as adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements.

Western Metalworx company policies are the cornerstone of our corporate relationships with all clients, employees and company stakeholders; they guide our interactions and govern our behaviours, as employees and as a company.

Promoting an environment of continuous innovation, we enforce and are committed to upholding a strict set of operational procedures that are monitored and regularly updated.

A Sustainable Approach is Essential to Our Future

At Western Metalworx, we define ourselves as being innovative in all aspects of custom fabrication work. This extends to our environmental footprint and recognition that sustainable environmental practices are fundamental to our future in the metal and steel fabrication industry. We are committed to minimising, where reasonably practicable, our impact on the natural environment and improving and reviewing our environmental performance.

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Quality Isn’t a Compromise: We Deliver Real Value

Our integrity is governed by our quality assurance, proprietary production processes and control systems. Our core value, “Quality Craftsmanship”, underpins every solution we deliver.

To maintain our technical leadership in the fabrication of quality metal and steel components, we strive to exceed customer satisfaction, providing smarter approaches and investing in the latest applications and technologies to reduce build durations and add greater value throughout the life of all structural steel and custom fabrication projects we undertake.

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A Work Environment Inspiring Leadership, Engagement & Safety-First Culture

Western Metalworx recognise that world-class fabrication solutions start with the health and safety of our people. In everything that we do, we are committed to taking all practical steps to ensure that our personnel are suitably qualified and trained to perform the duties they are tasked with. We reinforce this daily by creating a work environment that inspires leadership, engagement and recognition of safety first.

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